Girls Teams Spreadsheet for 2020-21

Hey All-

With this wacked out end of the season and school shut-down, I know many coaches are using some of the down time to recharge and look ahead to next year. I like to keep moving in times of uncertainty. Similar to last year, I'm sharing a statewide spreadsheet so schools can add, subtract, tweak and make their plans known for next winter. I lost track of how many schools told me they plan to add a girls team or try....this is the place to state it.

I copied all of last year's entries to a new tab (20-21) and made the content red. When you add in new data, just highlight it and change the text to black (to show it is new). I'll organize the schools every so often.

Let's all communicate and use our resources: each other, OHSWCA, Wrestle Like a Girl and OHSAA. Certainly, right now OHSAA has more on their plate to worry about than girls wrestling, but they still recognize the value and importance of it.

Lastly, coach Vanessa Oswalt is the new "Wrestle Like a Girl" Ohio Ambassador (her email is in the spreadsheet). If you don't know the organization, it's worth your time to look at

Send to any coach at any school. There are girls in your building that can and will grow from the sport, you just have to find them and recruit them. They aren't all tough roughnecks...but they have it in them.



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Updated to best my knowledge for Mogadore. 2 8th graders will make the HS have 4 girls next year and 3 6th graders will move up to JH.
Lots of schools adding girls side and/or considering the process. For the best information to be available...whether through OHSAA, OHSWCA or a committee...we need the data. As coaches or ADs, you're the data point.

Add team info to the spreadsheet below. There are also tabs for middle school and high school tournaments. Tons of info!