GCL Soccer 2019


I agree. Alter kids have cannot see that they cheat on everything. They are stuck up and wont change their view point on anything. They could say 2+2=5 and they will go to the grave swearing they are right.
How do they cheat? So you know everyone on the Alter boys soccer team? Such a a broad indictment of a whole team shows your lack of maturity.
Bellbrook and Monroe's players come from one zip code.....Carroll....six or seven. That's why Carroll is D-1. The whole premise of competitive balance.
I'll assume you meant something else because the bold part is patently untrue.

I know the reason. I just don't think it achieves what it wants to. How balanced is it for Mason to have 1000 more boys than schools in the same division?


Tomorrow's Games:
Valley View at Fenwick
CHCA at Alter
McNick at Summit
Lebanon at CJ
Predictions below-----


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I think its quite interesting to see results around the state this year. I feel like tournament play will really show the true identity of these teams.


GCL Co-Ed on the line tonight. McNicholas is traveling to Alter. Carroll has already clinched first place in the GCL with an 8-0 win over Badin. Alter can join Carroll as "Co-Champions" tonight with a win over McNicholas, as Alter tied Carroll earlier in the season. Any other result will have Carroll as the lone winner.


Alter beats McNick 3-1 tying Carroll as GCL co-champions. This is Carroll 2nd in the last two years and Alter's 4th in the last five years.