GCL Co-Ed vs CCL?

The Dock

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It seemed to work well for everyone to help with scheduling issues.
For some reason, I'm led to think the CCL actually played more games against Dayton publics like Belmont and Dunbar than they did the GCL-Coed. Didn't Hartley only play one Co-Ed? There were some years where Watterson and DeSales both didn't play a Co-Ed? Am I remembering this right?

A simple solution would be to base the CCL schedule off what they did last year: double round-robin among the "Big 3", and tell St. Charles to go find some easy L2 points that BH/BW/SFD can cash in on when they play the Broad St. Borromeans. Even easier is get St. Charles to beg entrance into the Mid-State League (where they belong for football) and have them play a 7-game MSL and a 3-game CCL schedule. Cooke, Karl and Zettler Roads can fill in the blanks as necessary.