Friday Finals (11/24/23)

It appears the talent is concentrated in a few dozen places. You wouid have been crazy to take the field instead of TCC, Hoban, Massillon, Marion Local, Kirtland, Glenville and St. Edward’s prior to the playoffs. It’s no fault of their own, but Marion Local shouldn’t be playing in a division with so few competitive programs. The gap between them and 98% of teams in D7 is enormous. The same can be said in the other divisions, which raises the question of whether Ohio needs to eliminate two divisions and replace those with eight man and open divisions?
It doesn't raise that question at all.
Are we still really debating the 16 playoff teams per region when a 12 seed is playing in the title game?
We are debating the quality of the system where it is glaringly obvious the gap between the haves and have nots is growing. Springfield going to Canton is a hardly a surprise to anyone who is aware they played without their QB1 for much of the season.
Toledo Central Catholic wins the D2 title last year and they dropped to D3. Ridiculous. These crowds minus the Massillon game and D5 will be record setting low.