Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers


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Just saw one opened in the Akron area. Never heard of it before but the burgers look good. Anyone try them before? What is the price like?

Came across Culvers while in Indiana last week and this place looks similar. Can anyone compare these two?


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Never heard of Freddy's before now. Apparently it started in Kansas, Culver's in Wisconsin. Interesting how they seem to be so similar.

I'm guessing any difference between them and Culver's will be minor. Here's an interesting taste-test undertaken by three "regular guys", comparing Culver's vs. Freddy's vs. Steak-n-Shake:


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Freddy's is pretty good. Their burgers are the type that are crispy at the edges. Fries are the shoestring variety, which are just OK, but they have good fry sauces...especially the jalapeno fry sauce. Never had Culver's.


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I like Freddie's better than Culver's. I'm not a big fan of the butter burgers at Culver's and I think the custard is also better at Freddie's. Freddie's fry sauce is also very good for both the fries and the burgers. My family discovered Freddie's in Bowling Green, KY several years back and we were stoked when we found out they were putting one in Liberty Township. I have a Culver's a couple blocks from the house and we never go.


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Freddy’s has been open in Finneytown (Cincinnati area) for a few yrs. Excellent burgers and custard, always fairly crowded


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I prefer Freddy's to Culver's. Slight edge for the custard. Burgers are about a tie. Culver's does more promotional burgers. Like the Pub Burger and other specials while Freddy's sticks to the same general menu all the time.