Five Questions You'd Ask...


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1. What is your vision of the offense and defense for this team/personnel?
2. Who would you bring with you as your staff?
3. How would you deal with the strong egos on the team, deal with discipline issues?
4. Who would you recommend as a GM?
5. Have you previously worked for an incompetent boob?


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1. Do you feel you can win a Super Bowl with Baker Mayfield as your QB?
2-5. Any other questions, knowing none are as important as #1.


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1) Where is your confidence level that Baker Mayfield is a franchise quarterback and why?
2) Will you trust your offensive coordinator with the play-calling?
3) How can you instill accountability and discipline to this team?
4) What is your basic offensive philosophy?
5) Have you previously worked for an incompetent boob?


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1) Give me a position by position scouting report on the current roster
2) Show me a complete listing of your staff
3) What five free agents do you value the most and why
4) What is your draft philosophy based on the current roster and name your top 10 picks based on overall value
5) Give me some examples of how you have discreetly handled discipline issues involving star players