Fiesta Bowl: #2 Michigan vs #3 TCU

I’m a neutral observer here and I always back the stripes when I can but this crew seems lost. I don’t know if the replay official is a part of this crew on a weekly basis but no way he can over turn that TD. That being said, why is Michigan getting so cute inside the 10? Just line up and prove you can run the ball at will. TCU will need to get another TD in the 3rd quarter or I believe UM comes back and wins.
This is the same UM that played Illinois. WTF that was at the shoe I cant understand....this is boggling my mind more than a month ago
Well, TCU grabbed the osu bug from 2nd half a month ago and it is starting to feel like a similar trend
How do you come away from reviewing and decide it was not a TD? The ball bobbled. Refs suck.
I hate the Team Up North but that was definitely a TD!! Not sure Refs (On Field) suck, didn’t they signal TD? Now the Refs/Officials in the Review Booth May suck🤷🏼‍♂️