Federal League 2022

Who will win the Federal League in 2022?

  • GlenOak Golden Eagles

    Votes: 7 4.7%
  • Green Bulldogs

    Votes: 14 9.4%
  • Hoover Vikings

    Votes: 11 7.4%
  • Jackson Polar Bears

    Votes: 9 6.0%
  • Lake Blue Streaks

    Votes: 34 22.8%
  • McKinley Bulldogs

    Votes: 61 40.9%
  • Perry Panthers

    Votes: 13 8.7%

  • Total voters
Mediocrity masquerading as success.

Federal League in a nutshell.
You may not grasp the concept of a league, let me explain. A league allows schools to play against each other in all sports. So, like as an example, Massillon Jackson has won 4 (count them) 4 state playoff championships in baseball and basketball since 2010 - that’s right 4 - how many State Championships has Massillon Washington won in any sport during that time (or since 1972 as an example)? No doubt recent Fed Football results leave room for improvement (well I guess Green did beat Washington in football just last year). Regardless, Fed teams have the ability to compete for actual state championships each year. The Tigers are what over 50 years from doing anything in any sport? Mediocrity lmao!!


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Not making the playoffs. While I do like that Jackson gets to play the Ed's and Iggys, 12+ games every year is way too many for kids.
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2022 All-Federal League football team​

First Team

Avantae Burt, GlenOak, junior
Jayden Gorham, GlenOak, senior
Zach Baglia, Green, junior
Robby Klockner, Green, senior
Antonio Martin, Green, sophomore
Mason Ashby, Hoover, junior
Zach Braucher, Hoover, sophomore
Carson Dyrlund, Hoover, junior
Luke Griguolo, Hoover, senior
Colten Arnold, Jackson, senior
Jason Davide, Jackson, senior
Evan Brady, Lake, junior
Will Butler, Lake, senior
Stiles Diesz, Lake, senior
Celton Dutton, Lake, junior
Jack McAvinew, Lake, senior
Dylan Snyder, Lake, senior
Matt Sollberger, Lake, senior
Jamaar Barsic, McKinley, senior
Tra'Sean Foster, McKinley, senior
Al'Vonte Ivory, McKinley, senior
Kylier Jenkins, McKinley, senior
Garrett McCole, McKinley, senior
Cynceir McNeal, McKinley, senior
Ty Boughman, Perry, senior
De'Andre Church, Perry, senior

Player of the Year: Will Butler, Lake
Coach of the Year: Dan DeGeorge, Lake

Second Team

Jamar Johnson, GlenOak, sophomore
Ethan Lucas, GlenOak, junior
Romeo Magueyal, GlenOak, junior
Ashton Rulewicz, GlenOak, junior
Ben Casper, Green, junior
Michael Schaal, Green, sophomore
Jarrett Taylor, Green, junior
Brad Kormanec, Hoover, senior
Jack McKelley, Hoover, senior
Weston Reisinger, Hoover, senior
Luke Roach, Hoover, senior
Kyle Benson, Jackson, junior
Ethan Lesco, Jackson, senior
Jayden Mauser, Jackson, senior
Garrett Wright, Jackson, senior
Nate Baker, Lake, junior
Charlie Christopher, Lake, sophomore
Joey Garro, Lake, junior
Cale Jarvis, Lake, junior
Nino Hill, McKinley, sophomore
Treyton Mackey, McKinley, senior
Keaton Rode, McKinley, junior
Alex Vazquez, McKinley, junior
Carson Basham, Perry, junior
Brayden Fellouzis, Perry, senior
Austin Mattox, Perry, sophomore
Mike Millin, Perry, sophomore

Honorable Mention

Noah Williams, Roman Begue, Xavier Harris, Austin Morrison.
Green: Jesse Miller, AJ Fortunato, Matt Galemmo, Nasir Teague, Eli Noirot.
Hoover: Bryce Roach, Cooper Westfall, Hudson Lint, Sean Kavanagh.
Jackson: Caden Edwards, Dane Macrides, Jordan Warmath, Luke Johnson.
Lake: Nate Sponseller, Anthony Miller, Dane Jarvis.
McKinley: DJ Lewis, Marice Hill, Dante McClellan.
Perry: Joel Brown, Steve Bossler, Garrett Laubacher.

Edit Note: Arranged by team instead of alphabetical by player.
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Lake Blue Streaks (5-1) (12-2) Co-Champion
McKinley Bulldogs (5-1) (6-6) Co- Champion

Hoover Vikings (4-2) (8-4)
Jackson Polar Bears (2-4) (6-6)
GlenOak Golden Eagles (2-4) (4-7)
Green Bulldogs (2-4) (4-7)
Perry Panthers (1-5) (4-7)


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Great year for the Blue Streaks....have never seen a year with so many injuries...Coaches did a great job in finding the next man up and getting the kids to play hard. Coach Viscounte did a great job with the D and getting them to run to the ball. Coach DeGeorge his idea to use two QB's worked great and having the athletes to throw the ball deep...do not have this info but am pretty sure this year we had more long passing plays for scores in the history of Lake...rushing long plays that honor will go to the 1970 team. Now I am going to say two things....for the people who watched and go bonkers about time management...we had 2 delay of game penalties all year...one against GlenOak and the second one was late in the game against Massillon. Now look at the team...great kids, great athletes..when winning coaching always looks great. Some of the teams in the past years had great kids..not so great athletes all am going to say we had the same coaches who coached just as hard as they did this year