FCC DA Aspirations


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Saw this Friday and I was wondering why it wasn't being discussed here. It was a big discussion with our parents over the weekend. Especially since we were put of town and got to spend the whole weekend together, a few times over drinks.

While their announcement is very vague and really says a lot of nothing, they do say that they are looking at starting with just two older age groups. While they aren't specific, I'd assume they would be doing the 16/17 and 18/19 groups. For CUP that means a halt of theymir continued plan expansion. They currently had up the 15U and were planning on adding 16U next year. I can't see that happening if FCC has an academy team at that age. Cincinnati has a lit of great soccer talent, but I dont believe they have enough talent to support two academy teams.

Now thats just for next year. What happens further down the road will be interesting to see. If FCC expands further to younger ages what happens to CUP? There's no way they can compete with a fully funded academy in the same area. Would CUP DA be able to continue? Would US DA allow FCC's expansion knowing it would eliminate a current DA club? (You still have to apply and get approved) Is the option of Columbus Crew moving to Texas still on the table? That would potentially have an impact on the Cincinnati situation as well. Still a lot of unknowns, but with just this announcement the completion of soccer has already changed in SWO.

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A DA from an MLS franchise does not mean that the players will be "local."

Look around at many of the MLS DAs, they recruit nationally (and sometimes internationally) to fill their rosters. MLS only requires two age groups in the DA (older ones). And, there's no legitimate timetable that MLS mandates the DA begin playing (notice that Minnesota is finally starting, Toronto too). Add into all of this, how long until FCC starts their "affiliate" clubs like many MLS franchises have? FC Dallas reportedly makes nearly $15m off its affiliates to make its DA "free." The DC United DA still isn't free AND they charge tons for their affiliates.

The DA setup could get flipped on its head if these MLS investors decide they are tired of losing their investments FOR FREE to international clubs. There certainly has to be more talk of Solidarity Payments and Training Compensation for the US soccer market to actually be stable.