Favorite TV Supporting Characters


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Not my favorite.. but, could any other actor be a more perfect mealy-mouthed
twerp, weasel than Larry Linville as Maj. Frank Burns in M*A*S*H.




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Law & Order or Homicide?
Tip of the ice berg. That's why I selected him. Always looked forward to his surprise visits.
Munch has become the only fictional character, played by a single actor, to physically appear on 10 different television series. These shows were on five different networks:
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Norm Peterson - Cheers

The man loved his beer and that bar. And all those entrances...

I agree with Norm.

One of the funniest lines I ever heard came from him explaining why he and his wife Vera aren't exactly what each other wants in a sexual partner. She said she wished he looked a little more like Charles Bronson. He said he wished she looked a little less like Charles Bronson.

Thanks for the video.


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Two from old... old... old... school...
(Saturday AM TV for boys in the 50's)...

Poncho from [The Cisco Kid[/B]
Played by Leo Carrillo was actually a direct descendant from the early Spanish
colonization of California.
Poncho's horse: 'Loco'

Cisco was played by Duncan Renaldo who imigrated to the U.S. from
Romania. F.D.R. was a fan and issued a Presidential Pardon to Renaldo
for his immigration conviction. Cisco's horse: 'Diablo


Jingles P. Jones / 'Jingles' from TV's The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
played by Andy Devine
--- his horse was named 'Joker'
--- Jingles always seemed to lag and his catch phrase: "Hey Wild Bill, wait for me!"

Hickok's horse: 'Buckshot'


Then of course you had The Lone Ranger

With supporting role Tonto (Jay Silverheels / nee Harold Jay Smith )
Silverheels was Canadian ~ Mohawk (Six Nations of the Grand River) and the
Grandson of a Chief.

Jay cuts it up with Johnny Carson...

Horses: The Lone Ranger - 'Silver' / Tonto - 'Scout'




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More of a co-star being in the main cast , but I wanted a reason to post this scene