Here’s hoping USAW has a plan to save the Fargo events assuming things extend into early summer with Coronavirus. Perhaps securing a backup date if needed. I realize it’s possible things extend significantly longer, but if there is a chance, I hoping they are working on a plan for the qualifiers and Fargo.....
The world does not revolve around the sport of wrestling.
That is obviously correct. And I realize you take some personal comfort in reiterating that because maybe it makes you feel sage in some fashion or another. But the point isn’t really that relevant to the post since there was no suggestion that wrestling take precedence over the issues of the day. I didn’t suggest the event be held in the face of the current risk—in fact I said “if there is a chance...”.
Just because life does not revolve around wresTling (I agree) doesn’t mean we should not talk missing it, hope for it’s return or plan for it. I suppose you would rather have it that we suspend ALL thoughts and hope about anything resembling the resumption of normal life as we know it in favor of 24 hour/day worrying and cowering about Coronavirus? Most of us spend most of our waking hours thinking about life outside of wrestling—but for a few moments here and there—I think it’s permissible to mentally escape to the wrestling world...lest we spend all our time cowering in fear as I might speculate is your want. As such, for those people whose JOB it is to make plans and decisions for these events—I hope they are planning a good outcome IF SAFE & REASONABLE—as opposed to cowering in their basement like old ninnies paralyzed in fear.....


At this point, based on the current 8 wks recommendation, they have pushed back all state qualifier tournaments and are discussing just having the state tournament. Fargo is expected to proceed on schedule.

I expect that the 8wks will be shortened to 4wks after they introduce the vaccine - supposed to happen next week. Once they introduce the vaccine and administer it then there is no longer a reason for "social distancing" and life will get back to normal. For those who enjoy having wrestling at the center of their universe it will be a great sigh of relief.


The Vaccine can take up to a year to get approved
The traditional vaccine will require at least a year or possibly more. The mRNA vaccine will take significantly less time. Getting FDA approval during a state of emergency will be significantly facilitated. Given that mRNA vaccines have already been approved for human use with influenza it is simply a matter of re-sequencing the mRNA to match the antigen codon profile of the coronavirus and voila. There are at least 4 biotechs that specialize in mRNA type vaccines that are already working on a solution. One of those biotechs is already starting human trials in Seattle for the coronavirus. What they will be looking for in that human trial is that introducing the mRNA in healthy subjects results in the production of the same antibodies produced by getting infected. Once that is confirmed it is a short step to approval for prophylactic use. This type of vaccine doesn't provide the same type of long term immune response as a traditional vaccine however it is much safer. It has zero risk of causing the infectious disease because the virus is not used in the production of the vaccine. It has virtually no risk of anaphylaxis as no hazardous chemicals are used to attenuate the virus. It simply provides the body with the instructions to produce the antibodies required to fight the infection which can significantly reduce the risk of getting infected and in patients with weakened immune response it will allow them to respond better/faster to the infection.

I'd guess they will start rolling the mRNA vaccine out to the public before June and more likely sooner.