Fall Track- Thoughts?


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Will not happen. Fall is still up in the air to when we go back to school which will affect sports. Just think if that went into effect and the Fall season would be cancelled. Spring sports would be out for 2 and half years till Fall of 2021 from Spring 2019, ridiculous. That whole thing posted was one person's thoughts that got out, will never be put in place. Also, think about a State Track meet the first week of November.


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I can't see leaving football as a spring sport long term, so at some point a transition would need to be made. At some point we're going to miss a track season or a football season and my guess is that it isn't going to be football that is missed.

More likely there would be an official spring football season followed by an official fall season. They will really like that and spring football will begin to occur every year in addition to fall football. Not a fan of this.

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I'm not buying it.

If we're in a situation where football can't be played this fall, then I don't see any other sports being played this fall either. Can't confirm it, but I'm hearing the proposal that was leaked was generated by an OHSAA member school. I have no idea who leaked it or started trumpeting it as gospel. I would imagine the proposal's primary aim is to maximize football revenue during next school year.


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Proposal was leaked on a private Facebook page that somehow went public. I am told school is in the Youngstown area that was proposing it but is irate it went public.


Unless they started Meets August 1st and done by 1st of October and pushed at regular "Fall" sports back a few weeks (or a shortened season staring in October) would be a waste as the weather, winter seasons, out of season (AAU, JO) and school activities(prom, ACT,) would cause too many hardships. However, it would be nice if football/volleyball would have to deal with typical spring problems - Prom, AAU basketball, spring break, AP testing, April ACT, grad parties, vacations, senioritis, getting a summer job, plus etc.