Enough with times in XC..more on placing and head to head data...


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XC is a cool sport. It has been mentioned prior, but every course is different. Some hilly, some flat, some narrow, some wide, good turns, sharp turns, mud, dirt.. It is not about times but rather head to head. For example we look at meets such as Riverside or Seneca or Celtic, H.D Summer bash, that are called seemingly fast, but then comparing it to other meets such as Tiffin or this past weekend (Strongsville), the times are pretty similar, if not faster than the "so called" faster meets. For example, Strongsville this past weekend, looking at results, many many many had Career PRs, if not season PRs..and those that did not, were within 5-15 seconds off of their "fast" times from meets such as Seneca or Riverside or H.D summer bash.

I am not sending this to say a course is flat or short or does not count, but rather seeing who wins these "fast meets" as a team and individually. That is the best indication right?..who ware the teams and runners competing the best against the other teams.

I look at Seneca and Riverside, Celtic or Hilliard Summer Bash and the other many meets that are called short or too fast or unfair, and all I look at are the teams that win those meets, the runners who place well and then obviously the other teams who place well and individuals that place well. Enough with the "these time's dont count" BS or "that course is fast or flat" as all that matters is how you place/who wins, whether that time is deemed fast or slow. as a 19:00 5K is 5th one meet but 55th in another..but 5th place is always 5th place no matter the course, times, competition, or if a course is easy or fast or slow or hilly or etc

When making rankings or talking about the top teams (I have seen this already on this thread) look at the head to head..how do teams do against one another and NOT the team's season/career PRs and times as unless they race at the same meet(s), then the times truly are irrelevant.

Girls: https://oh.milesplit.com/meets/5030...invitational-2022/results/839923#.YzGRQXbMKM9

Boys: https://oh.milesplit.com/meets/5030...invitational-2022/results/839932#.YzGSIXbMKM8