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After the first couple of weeks in the season, what are some of your thoughts so far on favorites, disappointments, or just general thoughts on the teams?
From what I have seen:
Favorites- centerville, elder, X, moeller

Disappointments- darby, Westerville south, st Eds

Playing solid ball but not a favorite-Dublin Scioto, st Iggy
I would say for me Moeller has been disappointments. I expected them to sweep GCL, credits to St X and Elder, they having been great. Moeller needs to pick it up, I expect them to start getting back on track, they are still my favorites, but they need to start winning more games.
Moeller's loss to Elder was close, but they were missing their OH Wernery. Without him, Moeller's only chance to win was Elder beating themselves. That almost happened in Game 2, as they missed 10 serves and trailed the entire game until they tied it at 23.
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Agreed, but I do not believe that Wernery could make that much of a difference, I believe it would have been maybe to five games, but Moeller still struggled I think.
Agreed, but I do not believe that Wernery could make that much of a difference, I believe it would have been maybe to five games, but Moeller still struggled I think.

Much of a difference? You just said it may go to 5 games instead of a sweep. That's a huge difference, anything can happen in that 5th game.

Based on what I saw, he would have definitely made a difference offensively.
True it is a big difference, I guess for me a win is a win, besides that I do not think Moeller would have won with him because elder was at the top of their game. I also thought Jack Lonneman did the best he could being put in that position.
with Moeller being a slump right now, how do you see their match up against Alter going on Wednesday? Especially with how the Knights have played thus far this year
That's a very good question. Alter is clearly the class of Division 2 right now and handled a team expected to be near the top 5 in Beavercreek. I'll take Moeller at home in 4. But all being very close games
For me Alter is No.1 in D2 but there are other teams that will push them. Walsh and Fenwick are unbeaten as well..

Fenwick/Alter will tell a lot about how close teams in D2 are to Alter.

St Charles also has a solid team with Brown at OH and Gallagher at Libero. DeSales with Baird and Hopson are also solid.

In D1 Weirney would've made a huge difference. No question... Moeller will be okay.. I don't have any doubt

Darby although I expected more of in Chicago. I expected a run to Gold because they have some serious talent. I'll be interested to see them against the top teams in state
Moeller drops Alter handily. 25-12 25-20 25-13

I still believe Alter is a top 3 D2 team. This result just shows we are back to the large talent gap between D1 and D2 unlike the last two years
Alter vs Moeller

You have to remember that Alter is very young this year outside of Mancz and Von Der Vellen. Almost no experience in big games yet, and I was told Alter looked nervous. I'm expecting them to mature throughout the year.
We will find out tomorrow when they play Darby at Moeller. This will tell a lot about each team and their players! I hope to make the match.
despite the heroic efforts of the moeller student section yelling "he needs some milk" and "anthony bennett: WOAH", moeller dropped this match to darby