Early Signees


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With the middle of this month coming up, have any of the baseball players committed or are they ready to sign a NLI?


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Ellet baseball will be hard to figure out this year. For the first time in a number of years the senior class will be hard to replace. They lose the whole outfield, ss, 1b, and catcher. With this loss of defense comes an automatic loss of offense. They will struggle to score runs. The only thing saving them is they will have to of the best pitchers in the area. Any injury there will doom them.
Not to sure if hell end up anyway with his behavior problems. Now a days you can all the talent In the world but something like that could take everything .. A shame kids got talent


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artis still holds a couple division 2 offers from lake erie and slippery rock alonng with a offer from akron . Kent State backed away after his second knee surgery in august.