Early Favorites for 2012-2013 Season


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I can only speak for the Northwest.
Northview- Lose some key players but IF their guys don't go back to travel they will be the favorite again.
St Johns- return a lot of their guys and should be even with Northview.
St Francis- young team this year, should be more competitive next year.


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Ignatius had a ton of seniors this year. Losing Spellacy, Geither, Riemenschneider, Abood, Kovesdy just to name a few.

McQuinn should be back from injury.


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Not sure who is coming back in the Columbus area.

In southern Oh. Springboro should be strong. Also Moeller has a very strong junior class this year. They tied U School, and Lake Cath and beat st Francis. Could contend next year.
St X will sneak up on a few teams next year too.