Dwight "The Blur" Anderson dies


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Basketball phenom Dwight Anderson, age 59, dies on Saturday from unknown causes per the Dayton Daily News. While at Dayton Roth HS, Anderson averaged 38 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists his Senior year (1978) and was considered the #1 prospect in the nation. He went to Kentucky, before transferring to Southern Cal and had a brief stint in the NBA. Generally regarded as the best hoopster ever out of Dayton. Drugs and alcohol took a major toll on him and he was homeless for many years. Isaiah Thomas called him the Michael Jordan of his time.

RIP Dwight Anderson

EDIT: Anderson was 59, not 61.
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Carl Rick

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Saw him at UK, nobody could stay in front of him. "The Blur" was an accurate nickname. His game at USC was starting to deteriorate.