Donor will pay for all Toledo Scott graduates to go to college

Orin Swift

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And also contributing $100k/year for the next 5 years to Mayor Kapszukiewicz's plan to provide universal day care to all 4 year olds in the city. What an incredible gift to those students and parents.


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Mr. Kadens figures his gift will cost him $3.5 million, which is extremely generous. At current costs that will pay for the education of 17 Scott graduates and a parent/guardian at the University of Toledo.

In any case, some education is better than none, and his gift will change the lives of some families.
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Well, Scott is a public school, and the deal is only good at a Ohio public college, university, or trade school, as well as Eastern Michigan University and Lourdes University. So the only nongovernmental school involved is Lourdes University in Toledo.


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Hopefully the majority will take best advantage of this incredibly generous gift by using it to set themselves up for a career (i.e. no "Lesbian Dance Theory" majors and lots of trade school attendees).