Does OHSAA settlement with GCL Render Competitive Balance Null and Void?


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Here's the ruling. Will this effectively end the effectiveness of C/B? Thoughts?



It will be interesting to see if this second option drops any schools down a division. I'm sure that was the whole point of the GCL lawsuit. Keep an eye on Carroll High School. They were on the lower range of Division I and got hit pretty hard by the original CB adjustment. If they drop to Division II, they will be my odds on favorite to win State in the Fall 2020.
The Dayton Carroll coach is the AD and he’s been very vocal about wanting to be back in D2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this shake things up for next season.

my guesses:

Dayton Carroll back to D2
Summit Country Day and CCD back to D3

With the change both SCD and Carroll have to be favorites to make it out of the region unless teams like Tipp City, Monroe, Wyoming, Mariemont, Seven Hills and Indian Hill have a really good senior class coming in.


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If Dayton Carroll draws from one predominant public school district.. meaning that its students would be from feeder schools and/or one public school district then this will help. But Badin, for example draws from Ross, Hamilton and Fairfield school districts and feeder schools. I don't think that this new rule will make that big of a difference.