Division V State Semifinal: West Jefferson (12-1) vs. Ironton (12-1)

Who wins?

  • West Jefferson by 15+

    Votes: 8 14.0%
  • West Jefferson by 8-14

    Votes: 15 26.3%
  • West Jefferson by 1-7

    Votes: 14 24.6%
  • Ironton by 1-7

    Votes: 7 12.3%
  • Ironton by 8-14

    Votes: 11 19.3%
  • Ironton by 15+

    Votes: 2 3.5%

  • Total voters
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got to go with Ironton....because of the throwback Cleveland uniforms...… and don't they have a player on that team heading to Columbus?


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West Jeff has been playing well running the ball. Now they go up against a 6’3 230 middle linebacker that’s going to Ohio State. Should be some hard hitting


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you’re right Raider, stupid me who sees 10 games a year there has no idea how much Fulton Field holds.
Athens is the same size as Lancaster with better parking. Both are 90 minutes from Athens. Idk if Athens or Logan are hosting this year


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i’m guessing it’s Chillicothe. but knowing the OHSAA, this one goes to Wapakoneta. don’t screw WJ again and make them go to Jackson or Athens.


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Really like this matchup for both teams. I’m not a fan when conflicting styles go up against each other this late in the year, Ohio weather can play too much of a factor on spread teams when it’s cold/wet/snowy/windy. Both teams know what they’re getting from the other, both teams would tell you it plays to their defensive strengths, both teams would tell you they feel good about it. Ridgewood in my opinion is one year away and should be the favorites next year to take D5 with all they have coming back but this year they couldn’t match the size and physicality of ironton. At the end of this game both squads will know they’ve been in a fight but if you’re going to be in a fight you might as well win. Close game, low possessions, ironton has had the flag bug all year, could bite them this game. No flags, ironton wins, they pile them up again, they lose... it’s that simple for me.


Chilli is probably a 1/2 hour closer for WJ and Jackson is probably a 1/2 hour closer to Ironton. Jackson hosted Johnnies and Burg last year in state semi-final and that was obviously closer to Burg than Jackson. Both good hosts.

Hoping for Jackson so I can walk to game but will drive to Chilli because I think this one will be a dandy. Haven't seen WJ play lately but did see Ironton a couple weeks back. They cannot have all the penalties and turnovers and have to play cleaner because I do think WJ will capitalize on those more than some of their recent opponents.


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any word on the confirmed location? but for anyone that hasn’t seen WJ the last two weeks, they are playing perfect ball, and it’s scary. if they keep playing like this i’d give them a fair chance against kirtland