Division 2 HS around Columbus area


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So teams looking good this year

Bloom Carroll
Bishop Watterson
Jonathan Alder
Licking Valley

Thoughts on these teams?

The Dock

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Alder, Granville and BC in some order will be the top three seeds. I know there’s some hype that DeSales could break a deep run in the tournament this year. Bexley won’t be challenged hardly at all in league play I fear, unless Worthington Christian and Grandview have decent teams. Other than that it’s Academy and Bexley for their part of the MSL. No clue how Buckeye Valley is supposed to look this year.


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Bexley is in rebuild mode. They lost 9 seniors last year and the coach left. They won't be as good as people think.

Buckeye Valley has two D1 players , so they should be good they are the top Mid State League team in my mind.

Bloom Carroll- Very tough well coached.
Bishop Watterson- New coach, but he is proven, however Watterson isn't like they used to be.
Granville- ok
Desales-Ok, lost some horses from last year.
Jonathan Alder- Outstanding, and very well coached.
Bexley- Rough year with a very tough schedule.
Licking Valley- Very good.