Dii showcase


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Results that are posted...
Alter def. DeSales; 29-27, 21-25, 15-12

Walsh def. Alter 26-24, 25-17

Alter over St. C in 3
Desales over Hoban in 2 and Roger bacon in 2

Watterson goes winless
Based off scores and seeing that Walsh took Elder to 5.. I'd say they are the early favorite in D2

Any other take away from this event that anybody saw?
Walsh benefitting from their 4 best playing together all winter with their coach. Their upside growth from here might be limited. Alter has really no changes over last year, so not sure how improved they will be from here as well. St. Charles appears to have improved greatly, and Watterson has fallen off the cliff. DeSales didn't look all together, and Feltz was not dominant on Saturday. Bacon and McNick don't look like serious contenders.

Walsh as the favorite with Alter in second.
3rd is anyone's guess... Throw in there Mt. Vernon as another possibility.
Bacon will likely improve-

I heard their best hitter (Wilking) is setting while the normal starting setter recovers from injury. Once they have a normal lineup they should improve.