DII Showcase


Looks like there will be a cool event to start the 2015 season.
8 DII teams are meeting at Mt. St. Joe's for a 3 match showcase on 3/28.

Teams that I've heard are going:
Roger Bacon
St. Charles

Don't know the match ups, but like the teams involved.
DeSales v Roger Bacon & Alter v St Charles
Walsh v Watterson & Carroll v Hoban
Alter v DeSales & Rober Bacon v Walsh
Roger Bacon v Watterson & Hoban v St Charles
DeSales v Hoban & Carroll v Watterson
Carroll v St Charles & Alter v Walsh

I heard McNich was going instead of Carroll, but if that has changed since then these are the updated matchups. That Alter/Walsh match could be a real preview of the West/North final four this year.
That ought to be a pretty cool event. I might have to swing on down and watch a few of those matches.
Definitely going to be a good event! It'll be cool for the athletes to get the chance to play at MSJ!

DeSales vs Alter will be interesting, I think they're the favorites in D2 this year