Did you ever work for minimum wage?


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Didn't you recieve significant compensation in the form of tips? My brother worked a job like that in a neighboring small town and he had a base pay of something like $1 /hr in 1980, but commonly pulled in well over $2 /hr in tips.
No...but got a lot of "awe...he's so cute" and "your son is so nice" said to my mom. That was payment enough. I really enjoyed that job..helping the older people.


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Summer of 97 and 98 working for the book crew at my high school. 20 hours a week to clean textbooks from the previous school year, inventory them and then transport them to the proper classrooms in time for the new school year.

Doing custodial work my sophomore year at the University of Toledo and then doing night security at UT my junior and senior years.


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Summer after freshman year in college (1976). Pumped gas at a Shell station in my home town, mostly 3rd shift. Actually, made six cents above the minimum of the time, $2.36.