Did you ever see a convoy?


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Probably not many kids even know what a convoy is unless their parents/grandparents played the song for them. Are you old enough to have seen a real convoy?


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Yes, growing up near the I70/I75 interchange we used to sit on the bridge over I70 and watch semi's. Every once in awhile you will see a convoy. Also, when one of the largest truck stops in the area which was my hangout as a kid was going to close there was a trucker protest and they came from all over and even put up barriers blocking certain interchanges..... really interesting stuff.....


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If you can name 3 or more of the actors in the first minute of that video you are officially old.

Full disclosure- Ali McGraw, Ernst Borgnine, Burt Young and Kris Kristofferson all in the first 45 seconds.