DeWine: School Buildings will not reopen this Spring


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All eyes turn to August now. Pretty good chance the virus will struggle in the humidity of summer, but will schools be allowed to open without a vaccine in place?


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I suspect they will open. They are looking at how to minimize large gatherings, so those 300 kid lecture halls may be out, but I think kids will be in classroom next year. Could it be smaller class sizes? Not sure how that would work, but with a few months to plan, they will likely form a set of rules.


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Governor DeWine/President Trump’s Recent Announcement
With yesterday’s (Thursday) news conferences, plans appear to be moving forward to ‘open up’ the nation and Ohio in “Phases”. It was stated that ‘schools that are currently closed should remain closed’. When this is confirmed by Governor DeWine and/or State Supt. of Schools DeMaria, we will be confirming the cancelation of spring sports as we have previously indicated.

It's done.