Denied: OFSCA proposal to extend Summer 10 days of coaching through January 31st


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By an 8-0 vote, the Board denied a proposal from the Ohio Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association that asked for their 10 days of summer coaching to be used up until January 31, instead of the current period from June 1 through July 31. The proposal was not to add any coaching days, but to have the time frame for using those 10 days extended from June 1 through January 31 (except for the month of August, which is a no-contact month for softball).


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It does seem odd that when the coaches' and school admin all support a proposal that the state would summarily dismiss it.


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I imagine it is tough on a HS coach to end their season in late May or early June. Send the girls off to their travel teams for weekly tournaments. Then to turn around and try to get those 10 days in during those 60 days. It works in other sports because the timing is better. In softball and baseball, the timing stinks. Baseball and softball should get those 10 days throughout the Summer & Fall because it is so much more difficult to organize those days in just the Summer.


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I can tell you why because I agree with them. Then OHSAA needs to hold parameters so kids aren’t devoured by sports practices. And they don’t want them practicing while other sports are going on because they want them playing other sports.

Good job.