Dave McCann MVP tournaments

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I just wanted to post this to help someone who may end up being put in this same situation and save them from being scammed or losing out on their Kids/parents hard earned money.

Dave McCann has been doing this for years.
"Free" tournaments. But in reality you pay 99 up front then umpires at the plate and $8 gate fee (into some of the worst baseball/softball complexes in Cincinnati)

My personal situation with this man was as follows.

As the 2022 season approached we had our team signed up in 4 MVP events.
About a week before the season was set to start an email was sent to coaches saying the gate fees were going to $8 a person and the schedule came out for his first event and there were games scheduled for 8pm on a Sunday. When I shared this info my parents they had lots of questions and in turn I forward those questions to Mr McCann and MVP. I didn't get any answers so I went on to our local baseball forum page asking these same questions.

It was about an hour later our team was removed on tourney machine from his events and we were never issued a refund for the events we pre registered/paid for.
We had to report the charges as fraud to get our kids/parents money back so our team wasn't out the hundreds of dollars.

Mr McCann and MVP tournaments has done this same very thing to MULTIPLE teams and kids. TONS of fast pitch softball teams were scammed out of alot of money over the past few years.

Again this is a simple heads up to people who may have been thinking about signing up for his events in the future. This man will steal money from your kids and parents and not think twice. Zero communication skills and is NOT worried about what level of customer service you are receiving with his service he is providing.

Dave Mccann (513) 415-7855
1513 Madison Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45231


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He did the same thing with mens softball. Promised many prizes and never came through. Also canceled leagues 2 weeks in, and never issued refunds.