Darby D-1 District Rankings (Off-Season #1)


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I know that it’s early to be posting these, and we don’t know what next season will look like in the fall. Honestly, these are just for entertainment anyway, so I might as well post them during this empty period.

These initially rankings are just last year’s weights with the seniors taken out. I’ll start to move wrestlers around as the off-season progresses.

The freshmen are those listed in Boro Fan’s thread about incoming freshmen. Some were listed with 2 potential schools (and I just took a guess), so let me know if there are any that are mislabeled, or if there are any wrestlers who will be transferring schools.

* = unsure about participation

# = 2nd wrestler ranked from the same team. I’ll rank an extra wrestler at these weights.

1. David Javier- Westerville Central (SQ)
2. Gunner Havens- Teays Valley (SQ)
3. Evan Butcher- (Olentangy) Berlin (SQ)
4. Colt Ryan- Darby (5th district)
5. Andrew Parker- Big Walnut (6th district)
6. Jaiden Reed- Franklin Hts.
7. Gavyn Louks- Watkins Memorial
8. Frankie Mulligan- Upper Arlington

Freshmen to Watch:
Ty Wilson- Scioto (2nd, 4th middle school state)
Joseph Baumann- Coffman
Khaiwan Vu- Teays Valley
Nicholas Lawrensen- Coffman

1. Dylan Le- Scioto (SQ, 6th state)
2. Colton Spurgeon- Mt. Vernon (SQ)
3. Fuanyi Fobellah- Westerville South (SQ)
4. Gabe Ohle- Westerville North*
5. Tyler Jude- Westland (5th district)
6. David Backus- Marion Harding
7. Tamas Eder- Hayes (6th district)
8. Braxton Sheets- Grove City

Freshmen to Watch:
Omar Ayoub- Coffman (3rd middle school state 2019)
Jaxson Rosselli- (Olentangy) Liberty
Tyler Deericks- (Olentangy) Liberty

1. Aidan Agin- Lancaster (SQ, 6th state)
2. Jake Gooding- Westerville North (SQ)
3. Hunter Ford- (Olentangy) Liberty (SQ)
4. Colin Swincicki- New Albany (5th district)
5. Wyatt Moore- Davidson
6. Logan Smalley- Reynoldsburg
7. Jake Thomas- Upper Arlington (5th district 2019)
8. Trent Jude- Westland (6th district 2019)

Freshman to Watch:
Ethan Birden- Coffman (8th, 2nd middle school state)

1. Zander Graham- Teays Valley (SQ)
2. Bryson Palmer- Westland (SQ)
3. George Orlando- Upper Arlington*
4. Nathan Thompson- Marysville (5th district)
5. Edwin White- Westerville North
6. Rupert Moore- Coffman
7. Ayden Boothby- Upper Arlington#
8. Cameron Ross- Marion Harding
9. Erik Gomez- Pickerington North

1. Jacob Reed- Lancaster (SQ)
2. Ismael Ayoub- Coffman (SQ)
3. Jacob Shanklin- Upper Arlington (SQ)
4. Charles Williams- Lincoln (SQ)
5. Keegan Knapp- (Olentangy) Orange (5th district)
6. Deacon Sawchuk- Bradley (SQ 2019)
7. Josh Melms- Marysville (6th district)
8. David Jordan- Grove City*

Freshman to Watch:
Carson Overbey- Marysville

1. Connor Euton- Westerville North (SQ)
2. James Baumann- Coffman (SQ)
3. Lincoln Heard- Marysville (SQ)
4. Davis Carte- Pickerington North (5th district)
5. Caleb Lake- Chillicothe
6. George Sauter- Upper Arlington
7. Zack Miller- (Olentangy) Orange
8. Gabe Droesch- Watkins Memorial

Freshman to Watch:
Kaiden Souvannavong- Pickerington North

1. Jakob Hurley- Westland (SQ)
2. Jack Golla- Marysville (5th district)
3. Darric McClinton- Whetstone
4. Niko Gonzalez- Coffman
5. Ryan Ward- Licking Hts.
6. Titan Johnson- Lancaster (6th district 2019)
7. Melvin Patterson- Walnut Ridge
8. Gary Steele- Westerville Central

Freshman to Watch:
Donavyn Watts- Pickerington North

1. Micah Norwood- Pickerington N. (2nd state 2019)*
2. Erryl Will- Marysville (SQ)
3. Dez Gartrell- Davidson (SQ)
4. Iain Rojas- Worthington Kilbourne
5. Sylvester Bockarie- Westerville North
6. Conner Svantner- (Olentangy) Orange
7. Brody Chase- Lancaster
8. Kyle Coffey- Pickerington North#
9. Trevor Carl- Newark

Freshmen to Watch:
Cole Dickerson- Lancaster
Javon Lewis- Lincoln

1. Mitchell Broskie- Coffman (5th district, SQ 2019)
2. Nico Candido- Westerville North (SQ)
3. Jayce Fitzpatrick- (Olentangy) Liberty (SQ 2019)
4. Colton Powers- Marysville (6th district)
5. Jeff Cameron- Watkins Memorial
6. Sam Speakman- Teays Valley
7. Tyler Weilbacher- Lancaster
8. Lawrence O’Malley- Big Walnut

Freshman to Watch:
Brady Quillin- (Olentangy) Liberty

1. Ricky Alli- Lincoln
2. Christian McCartney- Marysville
3. Kobe Johnson- Marion Harding
4. Logan Moore- Westerville Central
5. Isaiah Beneker- Darby
6. Nick Campbell- Teays Valley
7. Casey Magyar- Coffman
8. Stephen Dirksmeier- (Olentangy) Liberty

1. Zeke Healy- Westerville Central
2. Ajay Locke- Lancaster (6th district)
3. Dylan Dempsey- (Olentangy) Orange
4. Ben Bickerstaff- Marysville
5. Richard Lawrence- Davidson
6. Sallah Abdourahman- Whetstone
7. Wyatt Lenz- Big Walnut
8. Dallas Reed- Westerville North

1. Seth Shumate- Coffman (SQ, 1st state)
2. Dylan Russo- (Olentangy) Liberty (SQ)
3. Brennan Albertini- Westerville North (SQ)
4. Clay Ours- Hayes (SQ)
5. Liam Wilson- Teays Valley (5th district)
6. Geoffrey Kaminski- (Olentangy) Orange (6th district)
7. Matthew Cooper- Bradley*
8. Abel Garantche- Central Crossing

1. Riley Ucker- Coffman (SQ)
2. Jake Nelson- Groveport-Madison (SQ)
3. Blayne Barnes- Darby
4. Jake Badgley- Upper Arlington
5. Braden Watts- Pickerington North
6. Connor Well- Canal Winchester
7. Tyler O’Reilly- Westerville South
8. Matt Kirsop- (Olentangy) Berlin

1. Brad Weaver- Darby (SQ)
2. Joey Thurston- Teays Valley (6th district)
3. Zach McMinn- Marysville
4. Ethan Hand- Olentangy
5. Marshall Klingel- Hayes
6. Dalton Hall- Reynoldsburg
7. Robert Snyder- Bradley
8. Nate Stradley- Mt. Vernon

1. (Dublin) Coffman
2. Marysville
3. Westerville North
4. Teays Valley
5. Lancaster
6. Westerville Central
7. Upper Arlington
8. (Hilliard) Darby

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Inside the Circle for all of the great central district coverage that they provide, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce

Dell 112

Changes- just my 2 cents

Butcher- 113
Gooding -126
Palmer -132
if Agin goes up Le goes up
Reed and Ayoub- 138
Euton and Baumann- 145
Miller and Gonzalez- 152
Rojas, Gartrell , Svantner- 160
If Norwood wrestles or stays in CD 160/170
Candido and Broskie- 170
Moore, Alli -182
Healy- 195
Not sure if Russo will be at 220 yet, but it will happen