Daniels out @ Princeton


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Well many rumors flying around today but I suspect he got a FBS football asst job. I've talked to a number of Princeton employees today.


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4 years...that seems short-lived for a coach coming in and advocating "kicking Colerain's a$$!"

Best of luck to him at...West Point, is it? Wow...



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Disappointed with him leaving after all the hoopla he made by coming in , but respect his decision to grow as a coach , he is not truly responsible for the turn around it started with Mcglauglin who left for Lasalle after one year , Daniels just pushed it forward


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Is Mike Daniels the longest tendered coach at Princeton in the last 15 years. 4 years is a long time as a Princeton HC now a days


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I’m fairly close to this one. I have some out of state names that are being targeted :
Craig Buken
T’Bundo Brockman
Bill Kazner
Brent Nance
Richard Guzinya


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I wish Mike well. That sounds like a solid gig. While I don't think the team accomplished as much as they could have under his watch, the standard of winning has returned and he left the program in far better shape.

It would be nice for Princeton to get a guy who knows he's meant to be a high school head coach and become the face of the program for many years to come. Daniels and the last basketball coach, Wright, clearly had eyes on college jobs. I think the new basketball coach that came from Hughes is the right direction, but we shall see.

I want a replacement with previous success as a high school head coach and bonus points if he has done more with less. Like I'm always impressed that a school like Turpin or Sycamore is usually pretty strong despite not sending many kids to play in college compared to others in their conferences.


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Princeton District pays more than Northwest, Cutright maybe interested? No mention of Pflug yet😁. Dont know the Western Hills Coach name but they had a solid season and won the Covid Cincinnati Championship Tournament I think. The Coach from Gamble possibly?

Current Princeton Staff Members besides Peek who may be qualified and interested?