D3 R12 playoffs viewed as coaches predictions based on their seeding votes


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I was cleaning up some files on my computer, and ran across this screen grab of the Region 12 coaches' predictions:


The 8 region quarterfinalists are: Bellbrook, Badin, Trotwood, New Richmond, Ross, Alter, Tippecanoe, and St Marys Memorial.

Looking across the rows (the coaches pre-playoffs seeding vote) as their prediction of other teams' performances, we can look at the votes of 18+ (if you have been eliminated) or 19+ (if you are still around) as predictions of who will make the quarterfinals. Looked at from that perspective, the scores for the various coaches at predicting the quarterfinalists are as follows:

Perfect: Aiken, CJ, Elida, Greenville, Monroe, Shawnee, St Marys Memorial.

Missed one: Badin (18), Ross (18), Bellbrook (17), Carroll (17), Franklin (17), Goshen (17), New Richmond (17), Tippecanoe (17), Northwest (16), Ponitz (16), Wapakoneta (14).

Missed two: Alter (16, 17), Celina (16, 17), Fenwick (15, 16), Hughes (13, 17), Mount Healthy (13, 17).

Missed three: Butler (12, 16, 17).


Missed five: Trotwood (2, 12, 13, 17, 18).

Missed seven: Dunbar (1, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17).

Well done to the coaches of Aiken, CJ, Elida, Greenville, Monroe, Shawnee, and St Marys Memorial for correctly gauging the strength of the teams within their region.

Trotwood and Dunbar look to need to combine athletic budgets so they can afford a computer.


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Along the same line of thinking, the following upsets (excluding one's own game) were predicted before the playoffs for this weekend:

St Marys Memorial over Bellbrook: None.
Tippecanoe over Badin: Greenville.
Alter over Trotwood: Bellbrook, Fenwick, Carroll, CJ, Franklin, Goshen, Mount Healthy, Ross.
Ross over New Richmond: Aiken, Badin, Dunbar, Franklin, Hughes, Monroe, Ponitz, Tippecanoe, Trotwood.