D1 - State Tournament Brackets

Who wins the Division 1 State Championship?

  • Beavercreek

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  • Centerville

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  • Jackson

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  • Pickerington North

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  • St Ignatius

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Elder led 17-13 after a Klusman kill, but Centerville gets a questionable touch call and two huge jump serves from Schindler.
Schindler can't single handedly win it for the Elks. They need more output from others if they want to have a chance to win
Elder leading 21-11. The Elk just don't have enough other than Schindler but he's been off his game since those string of aces in set 2.
Moe looks gassed. Elder has the legs right now. Panthers need to end it here though, cannot give any momentum back.
Elder comes out of the timeout with Hilvert kill for side-out, block Malott, block Hilvert and block Stacklin. 22-21 Panthers.