D II State Championship: Archbishop Hoban (10-0) vs. Massillon (10-1)


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He wasn't targeted, didn't get knocked out, may have cried a little bit. He said after the game he "found his inner self". 🤷‍♂️ Maybe he had a near death experience.
It only matters if he sees "the light"!


He could have had a Rod Tidwell moment.

Or ~

I wasn't 'out'; I was just checking my eyelids for any light leaks.




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Many of you seem to forget what happened in the Mentor-Moeller title game about six years ago. Mentor's QB Trubisky was knocked senseless at about the Moeller 3 yard line. He had to be helped off the field by two assistants. Mentor called a time out, and then Triv the coach sent Trubisky back into the game whereupon he stumbled into the endzone for a TD that still left Mentor a TD behind. Everybody in the stadium and watching on TV saw that Trubisky had suffered a concusion. But Triv still sent him in, and if Mentor had recovered the onside kick, Triv was prepared to still send Trubisky in. After the game Trubisky went directly to a hospital where he stayed for two weeks. Triv and his staff should have been fired or at the least reprimanded, but Mentor school system gave them a pass.
I remember it well, I just haven't seen conclusive proof in this situation as we saw in Mentor's.


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Not a troll, actually I'm all for the open enrollment for public schools if the rules are being followed. I've been a supporter of stark county football the last 30 years and have set through five of Massillon's state title games and numerous close playoff loses. Still pull for the tigers every year, because it's still not completely a level playing field. Again I think it's a fair question
Not you. m2sense & mackinbiner.

The players you mentioned before all played freshman ball - 1 hs. Idk about middle or grade school. Yes the bylaw states players are ineligible for the 2nd half unless they move. Unless covid changed any of the guidelines.


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I thought that was the Mentor basketball coaches son, not Trubisky. Conner Kresenic(sp)
Good question now that I think about it. Cool story (to me) but Trubisky's dad & I were actually roommates for 2 years in college. A great QB in his own right who played for Perry (Pirates). Such a jock. I have to laugh because he'd always talk about having future sons who'd be great football players, just like him. (seriously, it was obnoxious). He sure got his wish though.

I will spare his family and any acquaintances the gory details but yeah, we had some fun. Great guy.


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I thought that was the Mentor basketball coaches son, not Trubisky. Conner Kresenic(sp)
I just remember a glassy eyed dizzy kid with a Cardinal on his helmet.

As a side note, Krizancic ended up having to give up football in college due to having too many concussions.


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I said "about six years ago". Apparently I was off by a year. Excuse me. But the fact remains that Trubiski was concussed, all the stadium and TV audience could see it, and the coach put him right back in the game. Btw, a concusion was one of the few medical problems That I never had.


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Mentor played Moeller in 2013. Trubisky was at UNC at that time.
It appears Moeller hit Krizancic so hard that arizonawildcat was concussed.
Did you even see it? I did, and it was Trubisky who was concussed.
This is a news clip about the game. Put down the booze and read it.

Earlier in the week, the two quarterbacks – Ragland from Moeller and Mentor’s Conner Krizancic – were crowed Associated Press Division I co-Offensive Players of the Year. On Saturday, the two signal callers combined for 692 yards passing as Krizancic set a Div. I state championship game record with 419 yards passing, while Ragland completed 12-of-13 passes for 273 yards with 189 yards rushing and a state-record tying five touchdowns on the ground. Adding in a 44-yard touchdown pass by Mentor receiver Eddie Daugherty, the two teams combined to throw for 736 yards, which is a Div. I championship game record.

Daugherty himself set an all-time state championship game record with 16 receptions. He totaled 164 yards and two touchdowns.


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I've been wondering the same thing. But ultimately... the responsibility is on Moore. If the coordinators aren't capable of understanding the opponent for the biggest game of the year, 3 years in a row, what is Moore waiting for? Suspicion would say that inter-political relationships exist that ties the hands in getting rid of staff that aren't producing. I don't know, and frankly, maybe don't want to know. But Moore is the Athletic Director and the Coach, ultimately, it all falls on Moore.
I do agree it all falls back on him, he needs to recognize exactly what you said and if he doesn’t well in my opinion our program can’t grow anymore than its currently at, which isn’t a bad thing. I just think we have to find someone that knows our personnel and adjust the offense accordingly. Some kids/players are just built for different types of offense’s and I don’t think they put Zach in the best offense for what he could do and do well. The defense rarely does anything different no matter the opponent. They don’t change much. Bend but don’t break. That works so much, then we get to week 15 and continue doing the same thing. Not prepared for what the opponent does and does well and get absolutely out-coached. We don’t make enough good halftime adjustments. I try not to complain because this program is coming off of 4 straight trips to state and 3 straight title games. The teams gpa is excellent and we are getting kids to college. But we know the bottom line, we have to win one. And we haven’t, and won’t staying the same


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Cards1234 or Mentor2002, please set these morons, particularly JLP, right.
It was Conor Krizancic, not Trubisky, in 2013. Trubisky never made to the state finals - When Trubisky started, Mentor lost to Ignatius in the 2011 regionals and lost to Toledo Whitmer in the 2012 state semifinals. Check the OHSAA website for each year's tournament results


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The reason (amongst others) that it didn't work with that sequence is that you tried to carry it over from one season to the next-- you shouldn't use teams from different seasons to try to use the transitive property-- Hell, in HS, half the players or more AREN'T even the SAME-- a Massillon win in 2018 over WW is NOT comparing Massillon with the same WW team that posted that WW win over LaSalle in the 2019 regular season-- nor is the 2018 Massillon team that beat WW the same Massillon team that faced LaSalle in 2019...

But THIS year-- with all the teams the same, Ed got overwhelmed by Hoban and Ed beat Massillon-- there is plenty there that should have suggested the likely outcome of this game-- if you are basing your prediction on logic, not hope.
Wow this never crossed my mind when analyzing this football game. Thanks for sharing your genius.
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