Couldn't Resist I Bought From The Yappi Pop-up's


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I did. I don't usually by online but I saw a pair of shoes on and bought them.
Has anyone else bought items from these pop-up's? Feel free to admit the lingerie.


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I've accidentally clicked on a couple of links, but have only purposely clicked on one link after seeing a piece of machinery I was curious about.

And, yes. One of the accidentals was for lingerie. And, no. I didn't mind the same as ad showing up over and over again. :)
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I don't even get Georgian wives anymore. Just refinancing and tires. Must have hit an age.
Wonder what happens if you sign back up using same info except change the age. My pop ups are pretty disturbing by my standards. Lately though I have been getting furniture adds. Find that fascinating as we will soon need furniture. How do they know?


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Ok, the furniture adds had gone away. I clicked on this thread to read your response East, and the add that popped up is a add. Did the computer know I was going "back" to look at a area where I last had mentioned home furnishings?