Could Sandy Valley win the IVC this year?


They're off to their best start since 1996, and have beaten common opponents of Ridgewood and Malvern by similar scores. Groff looks like a beast running the ball and a monster on defense, and they have a few other kids with a ton of speed. With that being said, Garaway may be the team to beat though. Thoughts?


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More importantly

Will they make the playoffs for the first time ever, Leaving Timken as the only Stark county school not make it to the playoffs. Looking forward to seeing them make it.
Effort and attitude has been great so far,cant look ahead.One play at a time one quarter at a time,one half at a time and one game at a time!!

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We'll find out on Friday if Sandy Valley is going to be a factor in the IVC race. The Cardinals' finishing schedule is tough with Ridgewood on Friday followed by Garaway, Youngstown Christian, Tusky CC (the Cards should win that one), and Malvern. If the Cards beat Ridgewood and TCC, I think they will have to win at least 1 out of the other 3 games to have a chance at the playoffs.