Congratulations to Lancaster for their course


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I would like to say thank you to Lancaster for adapting to the construction at the high school and (mostly following the track of the old course) creating a new, very spectator friendly set up for their course. For a parent it was really easy to have your kid run right by you 7 or 8 times without more than a slow stroll. More with some light jogging. That includes being able to see the start and finish. Maybe the most spectator friendly XC course I have ever seen. It wasn't really a fast course, but it was not slow. In particular the boys race was very exciting, and produced pretty good times due to the competition level. One of the reasons we like to race at Lancaster is the consistent, thoughtful attention to detail put into the course layout there.


Second it MathKing. Great course. Great meet. First time at Lancaster. I coached 37 years at a small school in the southwest regionals. Today was the first time in a long time I came away from a meet thinking wow. So far my experience as a coach in central Ohio has been eye opening. Great courses, great teams and Lancaster has been the best so far.