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It's been a crazy day in the news as schools around the state suspend sports and activities this fall.
1) If a school does suspend a sport can those runners still race as a club or individual in the invitationals that are still happening?
2) If fall sports are canceled completely around the state how difficult would it be to create some 5k races (XC or roads) as club or as individuals so that seniors can get their marks?

We can't let these seniors loss their track season last year and now their senior XC season.

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Clubs would absolutely take over if seasons got cancelled for all sports with the possible exception of football because so costly to operate.

My guess there would be club meets in Ohio also the clubs, if host schools would let them, go to other states and race in HS meets. If schools are putting on track meets in July there will be some type of CC meets in the fall.


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Knowing OHSAA's past, I'd expect them to try & stop such a movement. Our entire sporting system's Achilles heel has always been that facilities are owned by governmental bodies thru the auspices of local schools. Track & field, swimming, and a whole host of sports would be boxed out from using those facilities as you can bet your last dollar that they would be deemed off limits to usage. The days of my youth when I was able to hop my local HS athletic fence & use the track & field facilities during the summer months are long gone. We've let the damned lawyers turn this country into a Gestapo state where all actions must be monitored in order to prevent people from "hurting" each thru accidents. I predict we're going to have thousands of unused facilities across this country, not just this year, but for years to come as the same stupid lockdown mentality will infect the minds of millions of useful idiots for years to come.

Land of the free, home of the brave...yeah, right.
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As of right now those events would be in violation of the state health orders regarding contact sports. It expires tomorrow but I would guess it will be extended. I believe there is also a prohibition of mass gatherings which you would be in violation of also. But there are a lot of really smart people in the XC community like coach Dennison in Mentor who is smarter than everyone and you could just run despite the law.

Finding a legal site might be an issue most public locations will not issue a permit for a mass gathering or XC event. You could go guerrilla and just show up at a site and run without permission one more violation who's counting. I'm sure coach Dennison would approve.


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So I have been trying to digest what you are getting at xcandtrack in regards to Coach Dennison. I believe if you are referencing his timing company and their 3 races they have put on you might need more information. They have been in constant contact with the local health department and been approved to run by the local health department in all 3 instances. I am pretty sure you can not just show up at a site with some 500 people and have a race. I have attended 2 of the races, one as a participant and another as a parent. Masks are required at these events. At Friday Night Lights they even had someone at the gate handing out masks to anyone who showed up without one. There was social distancing right up until the gun. They send you in waves so as to eliminate too many in one place. And awards must be picked up another day so as to not have people lingering around after the race. I also believe there has not been one instance of Covid-19 from any of their races, or I am sure the health department would have put and end to it.
If we are going to move forward we need to get back to some sense of normalcy, or as we call it the new norm, masks, wash your hands, social distance when possible, etc...
I know some other counties have not moved forward and maybe that is why you have sour grapes. Considering in a previous post you made mention that you organize races around LCCC.


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I listened to quite a bit of the testimony of our health experts before the congressional committee yesterday. I was struck by the comment from the head of the CDC that each of us doing five things (washing hands frequently, wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and self-isolating if you have symptoms) will be more effective than a shut down.

Is this actually true? It seems plausible, and I certainly like the focus on taking personal responsibility instead of forcing another economic shut down.

It seems like Coach Dennison has acted while coordinating with his local health authorities. Rather than taking pot-shots, we should probably appreciate his efforts to move forward with a new normal. I get that each of us might live in communities where the local health authorities are providing different guidance, but that shouldn't indict others who have different constraints.


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Privatization is a current solution to this hiccup. It will have dire consequences to the future of this sport in Ohio. Just look at swim and soccer right now.


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Privatization is a current solution to this hiccup. It will have dire consequences to the future of this sport in Ohio. Just look at swim and soccer right now.

A lot of coaches in many spirts are about to be fired.
This will not only affect HS & JrHS athletes, but masses of colleges & universities will be shuttering their sports programs as the available pool of participating athletes at younger ages dwindles due to massively reduced opportunities.