Closed schools thread.

So this was a small school in Canton, known as Trinity Christian... not to be confused with the Trinity Christian out of West Virginia, that some Ohio teams have played over the years. Their football program, which was Non-OHSAA but still counted for points for their opponents (similar to WRA or an out-of-state team) only existed from 1982-1984 (5-5 in 1982; 6-3-1 in 1983; 3-5 in 1984, and I'm not sure if their scheduled game with Fairport was ever actually played), were known as the Fighting Saints, and at least for 1984, were coached by Jim Patterson. The Landmark Christian school that they played was the school out of the Sharonville neighborhood in Cincinnati that eventually closed, but became the namesake of the club team that exists today.
I'll have to do some extra research sometime, but IIRC, the school was operated by the Trinity Gospel Temple which is located at the corner of Tuscarawas and Deuber. I-77 passes to the south and west of the Trinity Gospel Temple property.