Clash of the Titans - 2021-2022


Based on this season's mythical player rankings........

Two of the top soon to be seniors in this year's class have home schools that are no more that 10 minutes apart from one another.

I refer to Chris Livingston of Akron Buchtel, and Sencire Harris of St. Vincent - St. Mary.

I know SVSM plays as an independent, and Buchtel is the current flag bearer in the Akron City Series. How cool would it be to see these teams meet before Buchtel gets into league play in 2022? I can envision a game between Christmas and New Years. I wouldn't care where the game is played - whether it is on one of the two teams home campuses, or a larger neutral venue. Firestone or even University of Akron comes to mind.

I hope the respective ADs at each school don't miss this golden opportunity.


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I haven't seen the Irish schedule, so I don't know whether the Griffs are on it. I hope so! The Irish and Buchtel have played pretty regularly and they are always hard fought, high intensity games. In fact, when it comes to basketball, I'd submit that the Irish players would rate Buchtel as their arch rival; even more so than Hoban. I am not sure why they didn't play last year. Perhaps it was because the Irish schedule was already set by the time Livingston's return to Buchtel was announced. But that's just a guess. I'm sure that Covid and the uncertainty of the City Series season factored in, too. Typically, STVM seems to keep some flexibility in its schedule to include teams that are looking to have great years. For example, Brush in the last few years and John Glenn several years ago are teams that faced off with the Irish when their programs were at their pinnacle. So, like you, I am hoping that these two teams square off next year. I'm not sure I'd call it a titanic struggle! The Irish will lose a lot from this year's team. So, too, the Griffs. But both Livingston and Harris will be back, so it would certainly have the makings of a great match-up.
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