Cincinnati club teams


I think OP is going to hit CVA hard, especially since the former director and a group of the former CVA coaches have gone to OP.
I think Attack will take a smaller hit, but should be shaken up a bit - will be interesting to see the level of the teams.
CVA will indeed be hit hard by OP, I can’t see them with U17 or U18 teams.

Attack also lost last years u14 and u16 coaches to OP and they lost Matt as youth coordinator.

OP will have great facility and structure.

Interestingly IMO the most accomplished returning age group will be the U15 which appears to be consolidating at CVA. Based on open gyms the majority of attack’s 14s from last year are moving to CVA. On paper the blending addresses weaknesses on both teams.

That isn’t to take anything away from attacks u16s (ly 15s) as they have done great on the national stage. It is just that combining this years 15s into one group has more upside for an already accomplished core group.

Now there are moving parts as tryouts haven’t started. Parents and kids are fickle and there is a lot of recruiting going on particularly by OP.

Cincy is not big enough for 3 clubs. I think the first year will be going with familiar. Top 16, 17, 18 at attack. Top 15 at cva. Op is sort of like a2 vs vanguard.

More interesting will be what happens with younger kids? Do we end up with a west side attack and east side op? Can cva carve out a spot with a college experienced coach in the 75 corridor?
Hard to tell how all of the Cincy clubs will shake out. Think CVA will definitely struggle for numbers and will be the least competitive this coming year. The competition between OP and Attack will certainly make the kids better, but if the top talent in the city splits, neither club will be getting open bids to nationals
Looks like Attack has a lot of new names on black 18's this year that weren't on black 17's last year. What about OP?
Purple, Your name might suggest an affiliation with OP as they are Purple and White. Are you trolling?

My two cents from what I saw posted on tryout results:

OP - Posted 14 teams but several looked like 5-7 players deep. Their strength will be their 18s Purple as it basically brought back a core from last years team - Hagerty, Haas, Beckelhimer. I have no reason to believe the players they brought in to replace what they lost are as strong as last year. The other note is that they pulled in Johnny Luers on their 17s. Good player but not the type to carry them to open. This is still the core of an Attack second team from a few years ago. No 15s this year.

Attack - Kept the teams pretty intact but as you note they lost a couple of players from last years 17s. I heard that this years 16s, 17s, and 18s wanted to stay together at Attack so limited departure from top teams. They still have depth with 1-2 teams in each age group. They really upped their coaching staff with addition of local college head coaches as well as Meyer and Tierney. They are differentiating themselves from OP in this area. It all depends on what you are looking for.

CVA - Likely 4 teams but Open team will be 15s as they pulled in the upper end Attack players from the age group. Still too soon to tell about the long term viability.

There are more thoughts on behavior of some clubs during the tryout process but maybe later on that one.
Not trolling and not connected to OP, I went to OP website and couldn't find a roster for their teams. Attack has rosters but not what schools they were from.


18s: OP > Attack
17s: Attack > OP
16s: Attack > OP
15s: CVA > Attack
At 18s, OP has a broader range of talent from top to bottom on their top team compared to Attack. I think you're right, that they'll be better, but I think Attack will give them a good fight. OP's top end guys (Hagerty, Haas) will help pull them ahead. Some of the new names on Attack's 18s are GMC guys which is interesting.