Cincinnati Christian University closing


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It's unfortunate for anyone that is a student there. Hopefully CCU works with current students to help them transition to a different school and hopefully other schools are willing to work with the CCU students to make transferring as seamless as possible. Lost credits and setbacks are always a concern for students in these circumstances. Students will be fortunate if all that is minimized. I don't know anyone that attends CCU but I really feel for those students particularly with this occurring in the middle of the year.

The school is closing due to an accreditation issue. This is what I saw:

The university was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), it was placed on "show-cause" status in the summer of 2019 and given one year to convince the accreditor that it should remain accredited. On October 28th, 2019, the university's board of trustees announced the decision to shut down the degree programs at the conclusion of the Fall 2019 semester and withdraw from the Higher Learning Commission (as opposed to seeking re-accreditation)