CHL 2022-2023

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Usually do a preview every year!
Missed the boat this time around!

2021-2022 standings
Indian Hill 14-0
Mariemont 12-2
Madeira 8-6
Wyoming 8-6
Finneytown 5-8
Taylor 5-9
reading 2-12
Deer Park 1-12

POY Ella Riggs (indian Hill)

Key returners

IH (Riggs was 21 pts a game for IH last year)
Arington 11ppg 2 stl 1 asst
Langworthy 5ppg 1 stl 1 asst

Spreen 9ppg 2reb 2 stl 2 asst

Hartung 7ppg 6reb 1 asst 1 stl
Abroms 7ppg 4 reb 1 asst 2 stl

Cupp 10ppg 7reb 1 asst 1stl 3 blocks

freeman 12ppg 3 reb 1 ast 5 stl
fulton 11 ppg 4 reb 1 asst 5 stl

Bundy 9ppg 6reb 3 asst 1 block (is not playing this year signed to play Soccer at NKU)
Bitterman 9ppg 14reb 1 asst 1 stl 1 block
stokes 8ppg 5 reb 4 asst 3 stl
Kantz **did not play last season due to soccer injury** avg'd 6ppg 3 reb 3 stl 3 asst (sophmore year prior to injury)

Reading (Holbert and Bowling graduated that was 13ppg combined)
Covert 4 ppg 3reb 1 stl

Deer Park
Williams 7ppg 3 reb 1 asst 2 stl
McCormick 4 ppg 6 reb 1 stl 2 asst

**Since the season has started i am not going to give me thoughts but here is how the standings are currently**

Taylor 4-0
Mariemont 4-0
Madeira 3-1
Reading 2-2
Deer Park 1-2
Indian Hill 1-3
Wyoming 0-3
Finneytown 0-4

Taylor vs MM matchup Jan 7th seems to be the one thats going to give a clearer picture on who the favorite is to win the league.

MM has beaten Madeira by 5, FT by 8, IH by 4 and DP by 20
Taylor has beaten FT 35 , IH by 4, DP by 40 and Wyoming by 19

My favorites for POY
Langworthy (indian Hill) 17ppg 4reb 2 stl 1 asst

Cupp (wyoming) 16 ppg 8 reb 1 stl 2 asst

Welty (madeira) 13 ppg 6 reb 1 asst

Bitterman (taylor) 11ppg 10 reb 1 stl 1 block 1 asst

Spreen (mariemont) 11 ppg 4 reb 2 stl 3 asst

Only speaking off of experience with following the CHL girls sports pretty heavy, a "weird" choice for POY from another school wouldn't surprise me to be honest.
It has happened in other sports recently.

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Madeira over taylor 51-40 over the weekend. Madeira lead 37-15 at half. Taylor cut into the lead and got to with in 8 but couldnt claw any closer.

3 team race

MM 6-0 (already beat madeira by 5 , plays taylor on 1/7 and 2/4 and madeira again on 1/11
Madeira 5-1 (already beat taylor by 11 and lost to MM by 5)
Taylor 5-1 (lost to madeira by 11 , plays MM 1/7 and 2/4 and Madeira again on 2/1)

Taylor hasnt won a Girls title since 1999 and madeira not since 2015 (MM last shared the CHL in 2021)

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Big match up tonight madeira vs Mariemont
going to knock someone off the top spot in the CHL

Taylor plays FT.

MM beat madeira by 5 in their last matchup.
can Madeira pull this one out and stay on top? Taylor should roll FT and keep a top spot as well.

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Looks like this is a 3 team race.
Madeira having the edge since they beat taylor once and already split with MM.

Madeira 8-1 (lost to MM by by 5)
Taylor 8-1 (lost to Madeira by 15)
Mariemont 8-2 (lost to Madeira by 4 and Taylor by 18)

Notable games left
Madeira vs Taylor Feb 1st
Mariemont vs Taylor Feb 4th

Indian Hill could play spoiler they play MM and madeira once still!

3/4 the way through for the girls POY is still a toss up IMO

Freeman from FT Leads the League in scoring (was #2 last year)
But not sure that gets her enough votes.

Langeworthy from IH is #2

If Madeira wins the league does Welty Take POY??

What if Taylor wins it? they dont have a top 5 scorer. Their leading scorer is Montag (freshmen) who is in top 5 of other categories
(6th in scoring @ 12.8 )
2nd asst w/ 4.1
1st stls w/ 4.5

Maybe bittermann? She is close to avg'ing a double double and is top 5 in blocks as well

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Taylor wins @ L'burg last night.
that's 2 non league wins this week. They are 11-5 overall and with 6 games to go surpass their win total from last year (10)
Kantz had a game high 14.
Bitterman had another double double (13 pts and 12reb)