Checking out for a bit...good luck to all XCers...What's the status on the Spire situation?


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Javman83 is going to go "dormant" for awhile (till December), except for a final season posting later this month of the final hammer & javelin throw lists for the 2019 season. I've been very busy, as Lancermania can attest to, in updating district files. I've also been doing tremendous amounts of work towards all-time Ohio lists & State meet results (1908-1930) and the 3 big pre-State meet contests (1905-1907). I'm going to focus on those efforts in anticipation of having top-30 all-time lists for indoor events for 2020 and top-50 lists for outdoors. Bigger lists are in the pipeline, but a solid listing of top-30 indoor & top-50 outdoor is planned for 2020.

Has anyone heard of what is going on with the Spire Institute and if there will be any future events there?


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There were some national swimming events being held at Spire this week. For the upcoming indoor track season, Carnegie Mellon is holding its invitational meet at Spire and the B1G, and Big East championship meets are slated to be held there. I have no idea where the Ohio State indoor meet is to be held.

I know that Spire is having financial difficulties but haven't heard if the facility is in receivership or anything like that.