Central Ohio XC Courses - Lancaster


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Woodridge loved the Bob Reall meet but the time schedule of the meet seemed a problem for D2 with Middle school and High School teams. It was our overnight meet for many years. My daughter and oldest son said Lancaster was their favorite course outside of CVNP, but nothing else is like CVNP, so it's an outlier. Woodridge decided to go to the SNL. I'm not sure if there was a date change. I would think Lancaster is on the list for our overnight meet if things change.
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The 2019 schedule groups the smaller school races together, in the middle of the day, under the assumption the smaller schools are more likely to have shared coaches for the HS and JH teams.


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I love the Lancaster course. So much that last year when Jerome (which is in our district) started their night meet we still took our varsity to Lancaster. I would have gone back to Lancaster this year but I have to go out of town to a wedding and I didn't want my new assistant to have to do two meets in one day. I am hoping we can go back next year. I liked the old Lancaster course (I ran that my one year of HS cross country and it was my favorite course, and coached on it many times) as well, but I think the new one really gives an advantage to runners who practice good race tactics. You have to understand how to use the uphill, downhill and flat portions and the importance of not getting stuck back in the pack. It is much more of a racer's course than fast times course.


I was talking to an administrator at the OU - St. Clairsville campus and he said there are plans to build dorms at OU - Lancaster. Will this affect cross country?
My best estimate is that construction on the new LHS will begin in the summer/fall of 2022. The new school is expected to sit on the current soccer/field hockey fields. This means the current start/finish area will likely need to be relocated for the 2022 Bob Reall Invitational and beyond. On its own, this is a manageable issue.

Separately, we have also heard of the plan to build a dormitory on the OU-L property on east side of the creek. As we understand it, the dorm will sited between the current shelter house and the grove of trees directly to the east. Our understanding is that athletic fields/facilities will also be built on the east side of creek, on the flats north of the dorm site. Please understand that I am simply repeating 3rd hand info with respect to the OU-L plans... I do not have any direct information from OU-L regarding their possible construction plans.

In any case, the current course runs primarily around the perimeter of the fields on the east side of the creek... so, if our understanding is close to reality, the basic character of this part of the course could remain about the same...

What I know for sure is that OU-L has been a wonderful host/partner for our program over the years. We hope to continue this relationship for years to come.