Cavs 2020-2021

I guess the NBA will have their draft soon. Please don’t let the Cavs pick another small guard.
Cavs don't make any moves,need to get rid of the rookie guard he's very stupid...BAM!
Cavs draft Isaac Okoro. Should they start printing NBA Finals tickets?
I know they wanted to upgrade their wing defense, but you still have to score more than the other team to win and this guy’s weakness is his offense. Sorry, but #5 is too high for a defensive specialist.
Cavs went for best fit rather than best talent/upside.

Are they expecting to flaunt any players for trade or are they looking to build with this current core?
Mr Overpaid TT finally gone,need some help and where is that going to come from?
2 years $19 million to sign with the Celtics. Per year, that's slightly more than half of what he was making at the end of his previous contract. Thompson spent 9 years here and is still only 29. It feels more like he's 35 and spent 15 years here.
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This team's at least entertaining so far. They actually might not be half-bad.

Sexton has continued to make major improvements. Shooting well so far from all levels. 13th in the league in scoring at nearly 26 ppg, and to this point has a very respectable player efficiency rating (PER) that's been bouncing around in the 40-50 range league wide. Having just turned 22 this week, it feels like he could be pretty good for a very long time. It's hard to be a big winner with small scoring guards IMO, but he definitely seems to be showing signs of being able to develop into a major piece (2nd or 3rd guy) on a good team. That's a good start.
Got to see the Cavs play the Magic two games,a lot of missing players but when they all return should be a little in the mix.
Can't believe it, but I have to agree with Brian...the Cavs pulled a major finesse getting in on the Harden deal and managing to basically flip Exum and a 1st rounder in a couple of years for Jarrett Allen.

Good core piece addition. Allen is really good defensively both guarding in space and protecting the rim, and he's a pretty good pick and roll guy offensively to pair with Sexton and Garland. I like where things are heading both with the roster and the results so far.
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