Canal Fulton Northwest 2019


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So what is the outlook for the season this year? I know we have a good amount of players coming back and some good young talent coming up. Most importantly Mick is back to play QB. That could be huge. I know one weakness is that we have some up front players that are relatively small for their position.

Do we have any height at WR or DB this year? Who should be our main RB's? Anyone, besides Mick, that could be really exciting/explosive to watch? Anyone know how Mick is at running the ball and do you think he will play defense at all? With the talent that his younger brother supposedly has, could we expect him to start somewhere?

What say you?


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I expect NW to be near the top of the PAC. Mick is a huge addition for them at QB. He may be running for his life though as the offensive line that is returning isn't anywhere near the caliber he was playing behind last year. I don't remember seeing anyone who impressed me running the ball last year. Maybe that tall lanky kid I believe he was #10 and was a sophomore can be decent for them. I wouldn't expect a ton from the younger Mick. I've seen a lot of talented freshman start on varsity and they usually have a minimal impact. I think the biggest need for NW is some kids who can catch the football. Fennel would put the ball right on their hands and kids would not be able to reel it in. The talent that Mick is accustomed to having isn't at NW so it will be neat to see how he responds. I'm sure he will do well and the league is better for having a kid like him come back.

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Well, they may as well have scheduled Our Lady of the Elms for a second scrimmage. Why K-G? THe only thing that can come of this scrimmage is your players getting one of 2 things, BIG HEADS or injured, and I hope it is only the enlarged egos. K-G is such a mess. Hopefully they will have practiced enough to line up cohesively.