Buchtel Basketball Opening.


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Lol, that makes sense since Livingston is 10 times the player Branham is.
Dru Joyce would pee down his leg if the Livingstons came calling.
The whole key is a starting spot for little brother, that makes or breaks any deal.
Not true, St. V won't put up with the Livingston's Grandfather or his demand that Cordell starts. Coach Futch grew tired of it even with the immense talent that Chris is.


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Gonna be WRA all over again at 1040.
Maybe Noah Peebles comes back but they have no where the talent they've had the last few years. The Livingston show for sure.
Probably just the way gramps wanted it.
Step in line Dent!
They'll find somebody to fill that lineup :)


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Chris and Cordell will name the college they want. High school is a speed bump for them. Don't be surprised if Chris stays in college till he graduates. It may take 3 years....Moms don't play!!