Should bowling allys, putt putt golf and batting cages closed in the first place?

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Listening to Lance McCallister's "SportsTalk" show on 700 WLW tonight, and he's got an owner of a bowling ally on and going over the rules of bowling reopening today.

My question...why were they closed to begin with?? I mean you can easily limit numbers of bowlers, skip lanes, each person uses their own ball?? I mean I think the longer this reopens, we're going to see how silly this whole thing is?


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Tough to do for league play, depending on what that's like nowadays.. I'm not sure how many leagues exist today vs. 25-30 years ago. Back then the house I bowled at had leagues on all 48 lanes for the 6 PM leagues, and then again for the 9 PM leagues - 5 to a team, 240 bowlers in the house at one time, plus significant others. Sad to say, I'd guess there are not nearly that many leagues these days.