Border or Ukraine, which one is the most important to America?


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Of course you know what the answer is in DC. Drug war that kills 50k+ Americans a year = not important; Russo-Ukranian War that kills 0 Americans a year = important. Their belief is that the druggies (even if they're kids) had it coming and the smugglers are just businessmen. Diversity is our greatest strength. And we've always been at war with Eurasia.


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Going by the obsessive way the MSM is covering a war thousands of miles way while completely ignoring the disaster on our Southern Border you would have to say that the Russia/Ukraine war is one of the most important things to happen to the United States in decades.

Obviously what is happening on our southern border is exponentially more important to Americans then the war in Ukraine. And it's at our southern border where our attention and military assets ought to be placed.


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Look at the response to this thread. This thread should be on fire imo. We are being distracted on purpose. We need to wake up!
Maybe that’s because the answer is obvious to everyone, even the libs. What argument could possibly be given to claim the war being more important to the US?


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Left: "Obviously Ukraine. Putin, Putin, Putin. Russia, Russia, Russia. But Trump..."

Right: "Uh, is this there a real choice here?"

And twain, the two shall never meet. :)


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The economic impacts of Russia's invasion of Ukraine have left many households more concerned about how this conflict has and/or will hit their wallets. And while one can't deny the immediate impacts that some experience on the border in Texas due to illegal immigration, this likely doesn't reach most other kitchen-table conversations about the family budget. 🤷‍♂️