Bloom Carroll Head Coach Resigns


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Just reported by Thomas Wilson (Sports reporter Lancaster Eagle Gazette) Brett Mitchell resigned after 3 seasons.

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Even more interesting is the fact that Cody Carpenter at Amanda and Matt Little at Berne have both resigned today as well.


I don't know about the other situations, but the Amanda one is baffling. Granted I only know one side of the story, but from what I heard Carpenter received a horrible evaluation from the AD and principal. How that could happen is beyond me. Either there was something hidden behind the scenes beyond basketball or the evaluators are extremely shady. I can't see how a poor review could happen unless there was a personal agenda or parents are calling the shots, which is such a shame.

Here is Amanda's last 5 seasons taken from the Dispatch website:

2018-19: 16-8 (first tournament win in at least a decade, lost to state champ Harvest Prep in tournament).
2017-18: 12-11
2016-17: 8-15
2015-16: 1-22
2014-15: 2-21

I'm not sure what else Carpenter was supposed to do. Maybe someone could fill me in on the other side of the story, but from this angle I can't see why anyone would want to coach at Amanda going forward.

Any reason behind Little leaving Berne? He just took them to their first ever Regional appearance and they seem to be returning alot. I'm curious to see what the reason is there.

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Bloom’s opening doesn’t really surprise me, because they were pretty lean on talent after Markeece Brown transferred to Licking Heights. Didn’t really have anyone that could consistently step up to complement what Kuhns was bring to the glass every night. Very Jekyll-and-Hyde season for BC.

Amanda has had some administrative issues these last 3-5 years. Amanda isn’t by any stretch a basketball town, so I don’t think Carpenter would’ve saw himself making the job there past another year or two, anyways. He’ll land on his feet at a better gig (maybe even Bloom!)

I came in to this season, even before the district title game, thinking that Little’s job was make-or-break upon a district title. BU fan base is notorious for getting really tough on the coaches and for being impatient. Last season (17-18) had a nightmare second half for them. I would imagine though he wasn’t forced out - I think he wants to spend more time with family.

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Other Lancaster area jobs...

I can’t help but think the vacancies at Watkins Memorial or Bloom-Carroll will lure Shawn Brown away from Fisher Catholic.

Lancaster is... apparently, sticking with Kent Riggs. Which, OK...

I’m waiting on Fairfield Christian opening up. FCA has nothing in the tank and nothing coming up.
About Bloom Carroll......
Was he asked to resign? Or was it a situation where he simply stepped away because there is not much talent in the program?

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This coaching carousel is HS sports is terrible. Some should go but many should be given a year or 2. It’s really bad. The splineless Who make these decisions are the culprits !


Shawn Brown wants out of FC, tried for Watkins, didn't get selected. Interested in Licking Heights too. It's only a matter of time.
Interesting. How reliable is your information? If this is true, did Brown just see FC as a stepping stone or does he want to get out after a strong class and with the emergence of Wellington and Grandview Heights in the district?